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Are your customers given a strong reason "WHY" to buy?

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“Are your customers given a strong reason ‘Why’ to buy?”

Many companies don’t recognize that they are not giving their customers a strong reason to buy. Sluggish sales usually indicate customers simply don’t perceive a good reason to patronize you. Answer these questions: Who are you? Where are you in customers minds? Why should customers buy from you rather than your competitor?

Story-Form advertising combined with targeted direct mail is the most effective way to describe your business and let customers know why they should buy from you.

Topeka Today! uses story-form advertising to relate your “value story.” A value story:

Defines your business. Before customers begin to shop, you must educate them about who you are and what you have to offer. We do this in the same words you would use when talking to a customer face-to-face. The most effective selling occurs one-on-one. We translate that wordage into your story-form advertising.

Differentiates your business from your competitors. A customer may not be familiar with your business. (Just because you’ve been in business a long time doesn’t mean that everyone knows about you.) If you fail to educate people about your business and let them know why they should buy from you, many will go to the place they’re most familiar with. In that case, the company that has acquired the most name recognition (he who spends the most advertising dollars) wins by default. Most small businesses can’t compete with large corporate ad budgets.

Positions your business in the marketplace. Customers want to know about specific features or product quality. They may also want to know about your staff’s qualifications and the type of service you provide. Remember, the true value you offer may not be in just the product or service you offer, but what your company does to go ‘above and beyond’ the norm in business.

Topeka Today! Adds the why in your advertising and helps your business stand out from the competition.


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