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Weight Loss From Dr. Tague’s Nutrition Program “Profoundly Changes” Patient

The Center for Nutrition and Preventive Medicine (CFN) was founded by bariatric physician Rick Tague, MD, MPH & TM in 1996. Helping people achieve optimum health through weight loss and excellent nutrition is Dr. Tague’s passion. Dr. Tague has assisted over 20,000 patients in achieving over 200,000 pounds of weight loss.

“I individualize the weight loss treat- ment for each patient, with each per- son’s medical history and metabolism challenges taken into consideration. Excessive appetite tendencies, food cravings, fatigue and a sluggish metabolism are just a few of the com- mon problems we manage in our patients,” states Dr. Tague. “Karen Crockett shares (below) the story of her weight-loss experience with us.”

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